I am passionate about bikes.  You can find my current resume by clicking on the “Resume” tab above but all it reveals is my experiences in the work force.  It doesn’t tell you about me in regards to my lifelong love affair with bicycles and racing.  I have a “web presence” when it comes to cycling so I thought this little electronic excursion into my world would be more enlightening and entertaining than a mere hard copy resume.

I started wrenching on BMX bikes in the late 70’s.  After a stint in the USMC I began BMX racing again and got a job at The Bike Gallery – one of the largest bike shops in the Pacific Northwest.  Because of my time in the Marine Corps I have a propensity toward attention to detail and listening to instruction.  The head mechanic at The Bike Gallery noticed this and took me under his wing and showed me the proper way to work on a bike – as he was taught by UBI and BBI.  The skills I learned enabled me to become a great mechanic and wheel builder – skillful enough to be enlisted by Bridgestone USA to assemble (with Pineapple Bob) all the bikes that they displayed at the 1991 Interbike show.  After meandering around the the west working at various bike shops in Portland and Salem Oregon, Vancouver Washington, and San Lorenzo California I finally landed in Idaho Falls Idaho and Bill’s Bike Shop where I was a mechanic and raced for and managed their BMX team.  While racing for Bill’s I won the ’96 Idaho State BMX Championship (31-35 Cruiser)…

’96 State Championships – Being the only old guy that could jump the doubles had its advantages

…However, gravity bike and street luge crashes took their toll on me and I decided to give up all the speed demon stuff.  A side-effect of this was to see my weight go well north of a tenth of a ton so about six years ago I got a road bike and the rest, as they say, is history.  I lost a lot of weight and started going fast (again).  I won the first race I entered and had an article about that race published in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Road Bike Action magazine.  This will be my third season road racing but last season culminated with winning the Idaho State Road Racing Championship…

2011 State RR Championship – I rode all the youngsters off my wheel

Do these bibs make me look fat?

I love racing…

Leading the Pack (for awhile anyway)

This will be my first season as a Cat 4 and since I take my racing seriously…

Getting the LTHR tested by BMC team doctor Max Testa.

…I’ve hired a coach – Kai Applequist of Team Exergy – a UCI Pro Continental team out of Boise, ID.  I don’t know that I’ll ever make it to Cat 3 this late in the game but I can see that the coaching has been a huge benefit if only in me being more disciplined in my endeavors.  By the way, did I tell you, I love bikes and racing…

Hangin’ with “Big George” at the 2011 Tour of Utah

I also express my passion for cycling in a number of other ways.  One way is being a guest contributor to Velominati.com.  If you click on the little icons below you can see some of my articles:

The Art of Noodling

Velominatus Budgetatus

The Transformation

Yet another expression has been my recent foray into frame building…

Molteni Orange – of course

You can read about the construction of my first frame here and see the article that Frank (pronounced “Fronk”) from Velominati wrote about it here as I sent it to him as a gift.  And last but not least if you look to the bottom right of the page you will see links to the (mostly bike related) websites that I designed and or manage.

Am I passionate about bikes?  I think so.  I am in a stage of my life that I am looking for happiness more that financial gain.  That is why I want to build frames and work at a bike shop (again).  I eat, sleep, and breathe bicycles and I want to stay close to that community.  I believe that I would be a beneficial addition to your crew in that I bring a passion that is infectious and a skill set that sets me apart from the average cyclist/mechanic.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my little journey as much as I have and I look forward to hearing from you.